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While you’re busy building Alberta, we’ll help you build your business. Protect your livelihood and get back to work with a Cornerstone Insurance policy built specifically for Alberta’s construction industry. 

Who Needs Construction Insurance?

Construction, contract, and trade duties pose risks that could lead to costly claims and legal procedures. Whether you're a contractor who owns a brick-and-mortar office, or someone who meets directly with clients to facilitate hands-on work, chances of being held liable for any accident or damage are always a risk. Broken equipment can also impede business operations and cause financial woes. 

A construction and contractor insurance policy can help protect you and your business from damage and financial loss. If you employ tradespeople, you can also protect them through a trades insurance policy. Your Cornerstone Insurance policy will be designed to cover the cost of mishaps and accidents, and keep your jobs running smoothly.

Getting a Construction & Contractor Policy 

We will assign an expert construction and contractor insurance broker who will assess potential risks individually. The factors in determining premiums may include:

  • the size of your company
  • specific trades
  • your scope of operations
  • years in business

Every business is different. We may also look at additional variables to make sure all your assets are protected. After this strategic review, we’ll compare construction and contractor insurance quotes. This will ensure you receive the best construction and contractor insurance in Edmonton or anywhere in Alberta, with well-defined coverage.


What Does Trades, Contractor, and Construction Insurance Include?

Insurance policies for Alberta contractors, trades, and construction will be different for every business. Your policy will be custom built around the work you do. Coverage options vary, but typical construction insurance coverage may include: 

  • Property Insurance for physical locations
  • Business Insurance, including business interruption insurance
  • Liability Insurance for bodily injuries, equipment, and property damage

Considering today’s litigious environment, we normally recommend commercial general liability and equipment and tools coverage for holistic protection. We also offer developer insurance that covers the construction project from start to finish. This covers vacant lots, course of instruction insurance, regular building, and commercial tenant insurance. 

How You Can Save

If you have commercial auto insurance through Cornerstone, we can get you bundled discounts to help save money. We will also assist you in finding ways to lower your premiums so you get the best possible insurance at a very reasonable price. 

Finding The Best Trades Insurance

In today’s competitive workforce, skilled workers such as electricians, carpenters, masons, and plumbers need the right protection against all potential risks that come with their duties. If you are looking after the welfare of workers, a dependable trades insurance policy is highly recommended.

Whether you are a skilled labourer who does small-scale contract work, or one who is engaged in big commercial projects, you should have trades insurance. With the right tools and proper protection, keeping your livelihood secure becomes easier.

Determining premiums requires an individual assessment. A licensed Cornerstone trades insurance broker will assess risks individually. Like construction and contractor insurance, there will be several trades insurance quotes and options to choose from. Choosing the correct insurance product for you involves an extensive review of key factors such as the size of the company, specific trades, scope of operations, and years in business.

In terms of coverage, we offer a comprehensive package to ensure any potential policy gap in the coverage is filled. Our policies are designed to protect you fully from all risks.

Get In Touch

Our clients are our partners. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach us in person, by phone, email, or via our online portal. Our 24-hour claims reporting system allows you to file at any time in case of an emergency situation. Your local Cornerstone Insurance broker is always here for you.

Why Choose Cornerstone for Your Alberta Insurance Needs?

At Cornerstone Insurance, we truly believe in making a difference for Alberta business owners. It all begins with a solid relationship, and it ends with trust. 

Helping businesses is the future of Cornerstone Insurance. As our clients grow, we grow. If you have questions about your commercial insurance, trades insurance, or construction insurance, we’d be happy to help. Feel free to get in touch with us to speak to a local broker who can find you the best policy.  

Cornerstone Insurance offers trades, construction, and contractors insurance in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and throughout Alberta. 

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